Dubai Activities

While the temptation when landing in Dubai is to take advantage of its great weather, fantastic luxury hotels and stunning beaches and beach concepts, relax and unwind, recharging your batteries; there is plenty to do for those that can motivate themselves to stay active.

As one of the world’s fastest growing holiday destinations, Dubai offers a complete experience, no matter what it is you are looking for. From the chance to soak up the sun to world class shopping facilities; visitor attractions and a vibrant lifestyle scene, you will never have enough time to do everything you want on your first trip. For those that don’t like lounging about and prefer to be busy as well as those that enjoy an adrenalin rush as part of their holiday experience, Dubai offers a range of fantastic adventures.

The kids will be delighted with a trip to Bounce, the trampoline laden venue that is one of the most fun ways of staying active. For the adults, the choices get a little more daring; from hitting the dunes in a four by four to jumping out of an aeroplane about the Palm Jumeirah. Maybe you want to get layered up and hit the slopes, that is the indoor ski slope in the Mall of Emirates or something more tranquil, like checking out the region from the calm of a hot air balloon? Whatever your preference, Dubai offers the chance to get out of your hotel and embrace the amazing opportunities.