Dubai Boat Charter

A vacation is one of the most important decisions that people make every year. It’s something to look forward to, something to work towards and a place to switch off from the rest of the world and recharge the batteries. Getting it right is crucial. one of the most popular additions to every holiday in recent years has been the boat charter. Boarding a luxury yacht used to the privilege of a select few but, with more companies offering an affordable luxury experience at sea, it gives everyone the chance to be a rock star for the day!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to enjoy and adventure on the water and investigate the destination from the water, a boat charter is one of the best experiences you can organise. From a tranquil cruise sipping champagne and enjoying fine dining to a white knuckle afternoon of water sports, the options are many and varied. There’s no better feeling than that moment when you have cleared the marina and the captain engages the engines for the first time, the boat picks up speed and you feel the wind in your face and hair. Memories of pop videos with your favourite stars on magnificent vessels spring to mind as you embark on your own sea-bound adventure.

Dubai is blessed with numerous companies that can offer a wide range of boats and experiences, depending on the size of your party, the occasion and what you are looking to get from the experience. From a chilled afternoon on the calm waters of the gulf to a part with your own DJ. Enjoy the red carpet experience and make sure you and your friends have an day you will never forget.