Asia Asia

Asia Asia is a multi-award winning dining and drinking experience located in the trendy Pier 7 development overlooking the Marina. Inspired by the ancient Spice Route travelled by traders of old, its interior offers a stylish homage to the journey from Asia Minor to the Far East. The menu is an eclectic gastronomic masterpiece that carries on the inspiration, while the cocktail menu offers a range of refreshing tipples perfect for sipping while you enjoy the stunning view across the Marina.

The Far East meets the Middle East in one of Dubai’s most exciting menus. A team of international chefs have collaborated to take your senses on a magical journey with the spectacular backdrop of the Marina. From sushi to dim sum, to black cod and crispy duck, the possibilities are mouth-watering and the Friday brunch has become one of the city’s most popular. The bar in Asia Asia is no stranger to awards, its artisan Asian-inspired cocktails are already the stuff of legends and for those who prefer something a little less flamboyant, it also boasts a premium selection of spirits, hops, wines and sakes. The venue also offers a chance to enjoy the privacy of your own exclusive lounge, each inspired by a different exotic location ranging from Thailand, China, Japan and Persia to Bali.