Claw BBQ

Dubai is home to some of the most refined dining experiences but also to some where you have to roll your sleeves up, strap on your bib and get involved. One such experience is waiting for you at Claw, the BBQ Crabshack and grill in Souk Al Bahar. Neon signs and paper tablecloths welcome you when you walk in the door, and, one you have tied your plastic bib around your neck and chosen from the ribs, crab, lobster and steaks from the UAE’s first genuine BBQ wood chip smoker, you can pick up your wooden mallet and crush those crabs.

Why not grab a bucket of beer to wash down the delicious food, or maybe a giant margarita is more to your taste as the house band delivers covers of your favourite songs. The bar boasts several TV screen for catching the big sporting events. It’s a fantastic place to visit with a group of friends and enjoy the novelty of eating with your hands and using a hammer as cutlery! For the part animals, there are a range of shooters available – the good, the bad and the ugly – all doing exactly what they say on the tin. The good taste sweet, the bad not so much and the ugly, well, good luck with them.

The Rock Star brunch is a popular choice and offers something different for the Friday. When the weather is cooler, the terrace offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sun and when it reaches boiling point, the comfort of the AC inside makes for a great destination to get your weekend off to a flyer. From 12.00 until 16.00 the food and drink flows and in-house singer Richi Kennedy and DJ Graham keep the party going all night. There is also a Claw beer pong table for all brunch goers to enjoy.