VIP & Concierge

When it comes to VIP, there is nowhere on the planet that rolls like Dubai. The vibrant destination knows a thing or two about taking things up a notch, you know that they are serious when a beach club offers parking for helicopters! It’s home to the world’s tallest building, a seven-star luxury hotel and countless other ground breaking concepts.

Dubai is a city on the move and its residents take their leisure time very seriously, with an abundance of restaurants, beach clubs, bars and nightclubs offering world class entertainment. What better way to enjoy these fantastic options than behind the red carpet? What better way to soak up the atmosphere at Dubai’s biggest events, than from the comfort of your own table, offering you prime views of the action and its protagonists? Priority entry, luxurious surroundings, bottle service and the chance to capture the whole evening from a position of vantage makes the party that bit more special.

Going VIP doesn’t just mean occupying the best table in the beach club or at the nightclub, it can be something completely different. Like arriving at the venue in style, in one of the aforementioned helicopters, or perhaps a luxury boat charter dropping you at your favourite beach club or restaurant. Maybe you plan in painting the town and need a luxury vehicle to transport you and your friends in style. Or maybe you want to enjoy a soaring hot air balloon, complete with champagne and gourmet picnic. There are countless options on how to experience Dubai in style, many of them you might not have even considered.

With an experienced team that has been involved in the lifestyle industry for over two decades, we are acutely aware of what it means to go VIP and uniquely positioned to make sure you are plugged into all the local possibilities. Working with the finest and most reputable companies, we can exceed your expectations for one event or tailor your trip to make sure you have the adventure of a lifetime.