Shopping In Dubai

No trip to Dubai is complete without enjoying some retail therapy; this cosmopolitan destination boasts some of the best Malls you will ever see, as well as a vibrant local scene that gives an authentic shopping adventure.

Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the bustling shopping experience that comes with visiting one of Dubai’s many souks or are looking for the comfort of an air conditioned, state of the art mall that is more like an indoor city than a shopping centre, Dubai is more than capable of exceeding your expectations. You can barter with local vendors in the colourful souks that haven’t changed much in decades., giving you the flavour of old Dubai, where you can pick up anything from a stunning gold piece to the finest rugs, the perfect souvenir of your time in the Middle East. If you prefer your shopping trip to be punctuated with the world’s biggest designers, Dubai has you covered.

If you can drag yourself away from the shopping, Dubai’s malls are also home to some of the finest restaurants, from well know international chains to celebrity chefs and innovative local independents. You can enjoy a movie in the stylish multiplex cinemas that are featured in many of the Dubai malls and you can even go skiing in an indoor slope! Shopping is a big part of life in Dubai and the popular destination has the facilities to prove it.