VIP Tables

Dubai regularly plays host to some of the world’s biggest artists and DJs, from live concerts to outdoor festivals and a range of parties in its many world class venues. As a destination that is famous for its five star, luxury lifestyle, going VIP in Dubai is unlike anywhere in the world.

One sure way of guaranteeing you enjoy an unforgettable experience is to take the red carpet, past the velvet rope to some of the finest VIP table around. Apart from the convenience of entering the venue swiftly, which can be important when a big artist or DJ is playing and a huge queue waits for entry, enjoying an event from the comfort of the VIP offers multiple advantages.

Bottle service means you no longer have to wait at the bar and can spend your time enjoying the event. The VIP area normally offers an elevated position to give you the perfect view of the event as it unfolds, there are even some that get you close enough to the DJ to feel like you are part of the entertainment. With a strong relationship with all of Dubai’s premier venues and events as well as years of experience in Ibiza exceeding the expectations of our VIP clients, Essential Dubai can put you at the heart of whichever event you want to attend.