Exclusive Caviar At The Experience

Posted on 22/01/2017

The Experience by Chef Reif Ithman has made a significant impact on foodies in Dubai since launching in 2016. Taking the popular concept of the Chef’s Table to another level, the master cook has become famous for his ingenuity in the kitchen, which has resulted in one of the most exciting gastronomic experiences in the city. His passion for creating exciting new dishes is born out of his meticulous sourcing of ingredients, none more so than his own Sturia Caviar, which is made exclusively for him and incorporated into the menu at The Experience.

Explaining his careful process Chef Reif said; “My cuisine is both gourmet and creative in the way that I combine multidisciplinary cooking techniques with European and Asian flavors. Moreover, in my kitchen I use products from all over the world; from Japan, from France and from Italy and so on, which requires me to work closely with high-end products and premium quality. This is what drew me to Sturia, as I find it is the Haute Couture of caviar. I have been working with Sturia for years and we have been able to create a beautiful collection of custom-made caviars that in my opinion are truly some of the most incredible caviars I have ever had the privilege of cooking with.”