Roxy Cinemas Open New Locations

Posted on 02/03/2017

Roxy Cinemas will take over the existing sites at CITY WALK and THE BEACH opposite JBR, offering a new cinema concept that delivers a new take on movie watching for the city’s cinema goers. In a city that loves going to the movies and catching the latest blockbusters, it’s great news and adds to an already thriving lifestyle scene.

The new look Roxy Cinemas at CITY WALK and THE BEACH opposite JBR give movie goers a chance to get closer to the movies they love with its behind-the-screens concept revealing the passion and process that goes into making movies today, allowing fans to walk in the shoes of the men and women responsible for their favourite movies. The new concept aims to bring motion picture aficionados an experience that pays homage to the silver screen at every touch point; from facts and stories related to the making of the featured movies to iconic movie quotes, to lounges named after production units and diner-style snacks for the duration of the show.


The cinema will offer three seating classes, the Director’s Lounge, The Editor’s Suite and the Roxy Set, each featuring unique experiences with different settings, lighting and dining options. The Director’s Lounge offers an ultra-premium experience, similar to a screening in a Hollywood director’s suite while The Editor’s Lounge and Roxy Set deliver a premium and standard experience respectively, incorporating individual elements that make your movie experience special, for example the couple seats in The Editor’s Lounge. “Movies are a big draw in Dubai, equally loved amongst the melting pot of cultures that make up this city. At Roxy Cinemas we want to celebrate this love of movies by going behind-the-screens and revealing the process and passion that goes into the art of film-making. For today’s viewer, simply watching the main feature is not enough; they want to dive deep and walk in the film-makers’ shoes imagining the creative process with them as they weave cinematic magic and this is the essence of the Roxy Cinemas experience.”

Tickets For The New Cinema Are Now On Sale: