Who You Gonna Call?

Posted on 21/03/2017

Ever wished you could take gaming or movie watching one step further and enter the digital realm yourself? THE VOID at The Beach opposite JBR is as close as you can come to doing exactly that. Offering a rich immersive experience that combines a physical set with real-time interactive effects takes you beyond virtual reality, engages your senses and allows you to connect with others. THE VOID lets you take that extra step into your movie or game, creating an unforgettable experience while you do so.

Virtual reality is not new to us, but taking it from something you can see to something you can physically interact with takes the experience to a completely new level. THE VOID transports you to a new world, touching items that exist in the both the real and virtual world, bringing the new world to life. THE VOID can accommodate up to four people at a time, meaning it is an experience you can enjoy with friends. Whether you choose to search secret tunnels, fight demons together or enjoy spectacular vistas, there are memories to be created that will live with you long after your adventure has finished.

Launching on March 24, THE VOID welcomes the Ghostbusters Dimension, only the second destination on the planet to have the new virtual reality attraction. After a safety demonstration that sends home the realisation of what is about to occur, you are strapped into your chest pieces, which respond fully to being hit by any objects or baddies during the game, vibrating each time. It’s a heavy piece of kit, again underlining the reality of what is about to unfold. The VR helmet complete with surround sound speakers is the next addition before a space blaster completes the transformation. What happens next sees you and your friends battle a selection of demons, transporting you to the heart of the famous movie. It’s a stunning experience and one that gets the adrenalin coursing through your veins, as you fight the battle between good and evil. The Ghostbusters Dimension launches Friday March 24 and is well worth the DHS 110 entry.